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Today is
Hello, and I'm glad that out of 4.12 Million hosted weblogs, you have reached mine. That's right, so many blogs YET we have so little time...

Living on a second chance, I find joy in sharing some memories of my life in words. I do not expect people to remember me BUT at least, I'm grateful I represent a small dot in the blogosphere...

I love blogging my thoughts, day-to-day experiences, news about anything, moods and feelings - that contributed to this life's journey!

Join me on this journey as life goes on...
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rose Laila*
Endless Love II Update
Sunday, January 18, 2004
Due to couple of mails I received from Endless Love II - Winter Sonata fanatics, I decided to separate a blog for it and have created a photoblog yesterday entitled A Winter Sonata Collection. I still have to edit its templates and resolve some code issues as it conflicts with my other blog (I think).

Here is the link and hope you will be patient enough and don't flood me with complaints if some files are not working properly. Just try to refresh/reload the page and if things didn't work, then let me know what page is not working, ok?

For now, enjoy and have fun....

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Will try blogging to my new domain...
Friday, December 26, 2003
Thank you very much for your continued support and interest in reading this blog. And, because of that, I am happy to inform you that effective today, ladylaila.net/blog/ will be my official blog site and will integrate my Yahoo! Geocities home page to my new domain, ladylaila.net...

I hope ploghost server will not shut down again like before... if things didn't work out in my new site, I will still blog here to record my thoughts so that they will not slip away.

On the other side, are you mentally, financially and emotioanlly ready by 2004? Whether you're ready or not, I am wishing you all a GREAT AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

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Connection Error Access Denied
Thursday, December 25, 2003
I am not supposed to blog here but since ploghost server shuts down 2 days ago, something went wrong with movable type mt-cgi. I couldn't access MT Editor when running mt-load.cgi, I had an error message that says: "Got an error: Connection error: Access denied for user: 'username@localhost' (Using password: YES)" message and I first sought assistance from Exodus and he advised me address the matter to the support forums for Movable Type.

Few hours later, Girlie sent me a private message that they moved my bug report to MySQL forum, as the access problem was not a bug. It's good that Abe came online at Yahoo! and he's now checking cpanel for me with the link provided in Girlie's message, I hope he will resolve it the soonest possible time.

Ah! I'd though earlier that blogging was the easiest way of creating web pages, now, as I go deeper into understanding the blog tools, plugins and resources, the more I realized that I am still a newbie.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Merry Christmas to all

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Christmas Vacation Is ON
Tuesday, December 23, 2003
It's now Christmas vacation for millions of students here in the Philippines YET it will be a sad Christmas for thousands of families in Leyte, mourning for the loss of their loved ones, livestocks, and properties.

Nature tolled once again after the recent Cherry Hill tragedy, it's another wake up call for more attention from the government at the expense of precious lives of the people of Leyte. It's very painful that in this Holiday Season, instead of rejoicing, survivors are in pain, suffering, homeless and mourning.

The Leyte Tragedy

Hardest-hit village may be turned into cemetery

The damage has been done. Everyone is finger-pointing again who's responsible. Yet, the situattion needs long-term ecological solution. Something must be done, otherwise, their fate might happen to us as well. It's just a matter of time...

My sincere prayers and sympathy to those survivors and may all those victims' souls rest in peace!


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Monday, December 22, 2003
After I successfully moved all my Yahoo! Geocities files to ploghost server, all pages were VALID XHTML 1.0 with W3C Validator except my blog entries.

More movable type features are waiting to be explored! Unfortunately, server is always down due to unknown reason and Abe is checking out reasons behind accessibility problems of domain ladylaila.net.

Please accept my apology for the inconvenience. Please check out my new site for newer entries from time to time. Thank you...

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Migrating To My First Owned Domain
Sunday, December 21, 2003
I had been busy these past few days trying to install MT on server and how to configure a movable type template and stylesheet. My first entry has been posted at www.ladylaila.net/blog/.

Looks like it's working... my next concern was how-to-export my previous BlogSpot entries.

Voila! After many hours of browsing and finding for some answers, my BlogSpot previous entries were successfully exported to the new site! Many thanks to Exodus, for his prompt reply to my problem and I recommend his site at http://king-of-fools.com whenever there is a need for further detailed instructions not available in movabletype user manual. Thank you, The King!!!

My appreciation goes to Shareef as well, who sponsors ladylaila.net. And to all my silent mentors who contributed in the advancement of my blogging skills, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Wishing You All Great Holiday Experience!


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Please check out my new domain at ladylaila.net/blog/

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